Mindil F(Pack of 2)

Introducing Mindil-F, The Ultimate Hair Regrowth Formula from Dr. Nagwani.

We at Dr. Nagwani’s are aware of the disappointment and frustration that accompany hair loss. Because of this, we are pleased to provide Mindil-F, a cutting-edge hair regrowth solution that will give you thicker, healthier hair quickly.


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A Revolutionary Blend of Finasteride 0.1% and Minoxidil 5.0% is called Mindil-F.

  1. No Odour
  2. Hair Regrowth
  3. 5 % Minoxidil
  4. 0.1 % Finasteride
  5. Alcohol Free
  6. Dropper and Spray Application



Minoxidil 5.0% and Finasteride 0.1%, two of the most potent substances for fostering hair growth and halting hair loss, are combined in Mindil-F to create a potent formula. A well-known and extremely efficient substance for boosting blood flow to hair follicles, encouraging hair growth, and minimising hair loss is minoxidil 5.0%. DHT is a hormone that is known to promote hair loss in both men and women, and finasteride 0.1% is a component that has been shown to be quite effective in preventing its development.


Can I stop minoxidil after 1 year?

How many days do we need to use minoxidil?

Should you wash your hair every time after using Minoxidil?


Maximum Absorption with an Aqueous Base

Because Mindil-F is made with an aqueous base, the scalp and hair follicles can easily absorb it. In addition to guaranteeing optimal efficiency, this also makes it simple to administer and use. You can use Mindil-F with confidence knowing that it is made to provide you the greatest results possible.


Hair Regrowth Made Easy

At Dr. Nagwani’s, we are committed to offering our clients cost-efficient treatments for their hair and scalp issues. Anyone wishing to encourage hair growth, prevent hair loss, and support the health of their scalp should turn to Mindil-F as the ideal answer. Why then wait? With Dr. Nagwani’s Mindil-F, you can begin your journey to thicker, healthier hair right away.


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