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Dr Nagwani's MINDIL-F hair loss oil

Dr Nagwani’s MINDIL-F

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Introducing Dr. Nagwani’s Mindil-F – The Ultimate Hair Regrowth Formula.

At Dr. Nagwani’s, we understand the frustration and disappointment that comes with hair loss. That’s why we are proud to introduce Mindil-F, our advanced hair regrowth formula that is designed to bring you thicker, healthier hair in no time.


Mindil-F – A Revolutionary Blend of Minoxidil 5.0% and Finasteride 0.1%

  1. No Odour
  2. Hair Regrowth
  3. 5 % Minoxidil
  4. 0.1 % Finasteride
  5. Alcohol Free
  6. Dropper and Spray Application


Mindil-F is a powerful blend of Minoxidil 5.0% and Finasteride 0.1%, two of the most effective ingredients for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Minoxidil 5.0% is a well-known and highly effective ingredient for increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. Finasteride 0.1% is an ingredient that is proven to be highly effective in blocking the production of DHT, a hormone that is known to cause hair loss in both men and women.


Can I stop minoxidil after 1 year?

How many days do we need to use minoxidil?

Should you wash your hair every time after using Minoxidil?


Aqueous Base for Maximum Absorption

Mindil-F is formulated in an aqueous base, which means that it is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair follicles. This not only ensures maximum effectiveness but also makes it easy to apply and use. With Mindil-F, you can be confident that you are using a product that is designed to bring you the best results possible.

Hair Regrowth Made Easy

At Dr. Nagwani’s, we believe in providing our customers with effective and affordable solutions for their hair and scalp problems. Mindil-F is the perfect solution for anyone looking to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, and support the health of their scalp. So why wait? Start your journey to thicker, healthier hair today with Dr. Nagwani’s Mindil-F.

Avoid Applying Too Much

More isn’t always better when it comes to minoxidil. Using excessive amounts of the product won’t speed up hair growth and may increase the risk of side effects. Follow the recommended dosage and application instructions on the product label or your healthcare provider’s advice. Typically, it’s applied twice a day to the affected areas with a dropper or foam applicator. Dr Nagwani Mindil F should be applied only 1 ml at a time and it is recommended to use it twice a day. Kindly consult your doctor for the exact prescribed dosage.

Avoid Immediate Styling or Washing

After applying minoxidil, avoid styling your hair or washing it immediately. It’s recommended to wait at least four hours before styling or washing your hair to allow the product to be absorbed into the scalp. This ensures that the medication can work effectively to stimulate hair growth.

Don’t Apply to Wet Hair

Minoxidil should be applied to a dry scalp and hair. Applying it to wet hair can dilute the solution and make it less effective. To ensure proper absorption, make sure your hair and scalp are completely dry before applying minoxidil. Dr Nagwani Mindil F comes with a dropper and a sprayer which makes it really very easy to apply on areas with/without hairs.

Free hair test

Necessary test before hair transplant procedure

Can I miss a few days of minoxidil?

If you miss one or two daily doses of minoxidil topical solution 2%, just continue with your next dose. You should not make up for missed doses.

How do you know if minoxidil is working?

Minoxidil will get to work immediately after your first application and it can take around three months before you notice visible changes to your hairline. After nine months, Minoxidil should be working at its peak. Of course, every man is different, so some may have to wait longer than others to see signs of progress.

19 reviews for Dr Nagwani’s MINDIL-F

  1. Atul Prajapati

    The product just takes you inside nature. The smell itself is so revitalizing. The texture and colour is beautiful and the effect it has on your hair is too good to be true. Never felt this royal with just a hair cleanser.

  2. Rahul Kumar

    Visible result in few weeks – Highly Recommended

    I was using plain minoxidil before but then the doctors at Dr Nagwani suggested me to use minoxidil with fenasteride .After a few weeks I could see visible results & hair regrowth..I continue using this product until I get desired results & afterwards also

  3. Nilanjan Gupta (verified owner)

    I was previously using hair 4 u and morr f both were not that was effective in hair regrowth and due to alcohol base it used to cause itching but now I am using mindle f which is more effective in hair regrowth and also does not causing itching in my scalp due to aquous base. Thanks to Dr.Nagwani’s Mindlle f I truely recommend it to all having hair fall problem.

  4. Joydeep Ghosh

    I have used mindil f which was recommended by Dr Nagwani, I must say that the product is really good, and it’s great for your hair strength and dandruff I would also recommend the biotin shampoo from here which is also really great.

  5. Pritam banerjee

    Ami MINDIL-F last 5 months dhora use korchi. Eta besh valo , eta use korar por amar hair loss hoa anek ta Kom hoacha.

  6. Pratik

    I have been using it for last 2months i get good result

  7. Anjan Ghosh

    amr hair loss hochillo ar onk hair thining o hoae gachilo kintu mindil-f use er pr ami result peaechi
    Baby hair hoaeche

  8. Soumen

    Best minoxidil

  9. Arijit roy

    Very good product

  10. Umakanth das

    I have been using it for last 2montns

  11. Sourav Bala

    It not only reduce my hair fall, but also improve my hair condition.

  12. Vikash

    Good product

  13. Vikash

    Good product

  14. Sutirtha Mete

    I have been using this for last 3.5 months …. and it’s overall working is good

  15. Ananda Naskar

    Great product. Works very well. Will definitely keep on buying.

  16. Navodit Ghatak

    Highly recommend product but use it as per doctor recommendation….. Best for hair growth solution

  17. Sanowar hossian

    Mindil -F is good for hair

  18. Sanjay

    Best minoxidil in markets available

  19. Kamal

    Best minoxidil available in market, I got good result after using it

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