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Dr. Nagwani 3 Products combo (Biotin Shampoo + Vitamin D3 + Fully Grow)

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Dr. Nagwani is committed to increasing both your exterior attractiveness and interior well-being. He is a reputable name in the field of cosmetic hair and health treatments. Our brand reflects the confluence of science and aesthetics with a passion for holistic health and a dedication to innovation.

Our selection of cosmetic hair treatments includes state-of-the-art items made to revitalise and nourish your hair and address a variety of hair difficulties. Dr. Nagwani has a customised treatment plan for you, whether you want to increase the thickness or health of your hair or both.

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Combo Biotin Shampoo + Vitamin D3 + Fully Grow – Dr Nagwani

In addition to our cosmetic options, we place a high priority on your general health with a selection of carefully crafted medications. Our health products are expertly designed with the best components to support many facets of your wellbeing.

At Dr. Nagwani, we think that health and beauty go hand in hand. We want you to feel and look your best on the inside and out. Trust in our knowledge and products as you set out on a path to a more radiant, self-assured, and healthy you.

Dr. Anand Kumar Nagwani
Masters in surgery from BRA(Formerly Agra) University. Super specialization in cosmetic and plastic surgery and obtained M.Ch. degree from IPGMER under the West Bengal University of Health Science.
Listening intently is one of the most crucial aspects of my profession, and I don’t think any inquiry is too minor or unimportant. I can execute the safest and most effective procedures available in accordance with your own specific objectives by paying close attention to you, getting to know you, and genuinely understanding your demands.

Products – Dr Nagwani :

Biotin Shampoo
Anti Hairfall Shampoo
All Hair Types
pH Balanced
Sage Leaves Extract

Fully Grow :
Helps to reduce Hair Fall
Stimulates Hair Growth
Hair Nourishment
All Hair Types
Vitamins/Minerals/Botanical Extracts/Soya Isoflavones/Melatonin

Vitamin D3 60K :
Cholecalciferol Softgel
60000 IU
It strengthens bones/hairs
It strengthens the immune system

Why is vitamin D3 given once a week?

It helps maintain healthy and strong bones and teeth. This is a high dose of vitamin D3 to be taken once weekly and not meant for daily consumption. It should be taken for a limited period only under a doctor’s guidance. It is used for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D3 deficiency.

Does vitamin D3 help hair growth?

Adequate levels of vitamin D3 are essential for healthy hair growth, as it supports the growth and maintenance of hair follicles. One of the primary ways in which vitamin D3 promotes healthy hair growth is by improving the absorption of calcium.

Is vitamin D3 good for skin?

Vitamin D3 also known as cholecalciferol, is a form of vitamin D that is produced naturally in your body upon exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D3 in its activated form does all the wonders on your skin regeneration and other metabolic functions in the skin.


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