Dr Nagwani Medfoods Pvt. Ltd offers easy-to-use hair care products, including a Shampoo and Minoxidil solution. Our Shampoo is specially formulated to cleanse and nourish the hair, leaving it feeling soft, shiny, and healthy. It is simple to use – just wet your hair, apply the shampoo, and rinse thoroughly. Our Minoxidil solution is designed to help promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. It comes with an easy-to-use applicator that allows for precise and targeted application to the scalp. Our products are made with high-quality ingredients and are designed to be effective while remaining gentle on the hair and scalp. With our easy-to-use hair care products, you can achieve the healthy, vibrant hair you desire.

Directions for use of Mindil-F

Mindil-F 5% Solution 60 ml is a combination medicine of Minoxidil (vasodilator), and Finasteride (5-alpha-reductase inhibitor) used to treat androgenetic alopecia . Minoxidil is a vasodilator that stimulates hair growth and prevents baldness. When applied topically, Minoxidil promotes blood flow to the hair follicles, thereby providing sufficient nutrition and oxygen to the hair cell. Finasteride reduces DHT, preventing thinning of hair follicles.