Hypospadias is one of the most common urogenital congenital anomalies defined by arrest Development of the urethral spongiosum, the ventral prepuce and in more severe cases penile chordee. The etiology of hypospadias remains unknown with environmental exposure in the form of endocrine. Incidence of hypospadias is increase in the last three decades.There are five steps for the successful repair of hypospadias:

  • Penile straightening,
  • Urethroplasty,
  • Meatoplasty and Glanuloplasty,
  • Scrotoplasty,
  • Skin Coverage.

The major technical advances in hypospadias surgery that have improved surgical outcomes are

  • Preservation of the urethral plate,
  • Incision of the urethral plate,
  • Dorsal midline plication,
  • Deepithelized urethroplasty dartos flap coverage, and
  • Two stage alternative techniques.

Problems related to Urine coming from down and soiling of trouser during urine can be cured.







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